Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE @ TACC)

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) began in 1925 as a method of practical learning for seminary students within clinical settings where ministry is applied. In CPE the primary text is the “living human document,” and students learn as they participate in supervised encounters with individuals experiencing a life crisis. Unlike traditional CPE programs, TACC is one of a few centers nationwide that offer CPE within an urban setting. Students are able to complete service hours at a hospital or can be involved in ministry at one of six nonprofits located in downtown Atlanta.

Our Program

Training & Counseling Center @ St.Luke's CPE program is accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE). ACPE Clinical Pastoral Education is a program of theological and professional training that offers the challenge of actually working with people in various stages of life and varying emotional, physical, and spiritual conditions while receiving pastoral supervision.

Our educational program is designed to enable and empower seminary students and professionals to become more effective and compassionate to persons in the many phases and conditions of life. A part of the training process includes an exploration of self-reflection as related to society in need (i.e. homelessness, poverty, coping with financial hardship).  In learning more about one’s own issues and struggles, seminary students find that they are better equipped to facilitate healing and wholeness in others.

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Program Sites


 The CPE program at TACC features supervised training in both urban community-based non-profits, hospitals or a combination of both settings. Training & Counseling Center @ St.Luke's (TACC) is accredited to offer both Level I and Level II CPE. Extended unit schedules are available for those needing to do CPE on a part-time basis.

  • Urban community-based training six different settings. See the communities.

  • Hospital based programs at WellStar AMC

Apply for CPE


Training & Counseling Center @ St.Luke's (TACC) Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program is open to a variety of candidates ranging from degree seeking seminary students, lay leaders, prospective hospital or hospital affiliated chaplains or pastors who would like additional training. TACC’s CPE training offers a community-based hands-on approach to enhance the educational experiences, active involvement, as well as a diverse blend of learning tools to meet your needs.


To apply, see the Application & Instructions for Clinical Pastoral Education and Admission and Finance Policy here.


For additional information about application procedures, tuition, stipends, placement or other details about our CPE program, contact the TACC CPE director at (404) 876-6266 or

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"TACC is a unique type of CPE, it's one where you go out into the community and spend time with the marginalized members of our society.  I learned that there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes in regards to homelessness and mental illnesses.  I will be forever grateful for TACC for helping me not only grow as a spiritual care giver, but as a person."


- Margaret Dickey

CPE Student, Winter 2014



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If you need immediate assistance the Georgia Crisis & Access Line is staffed with professional social workers and counselors 24 hours per day, every day, to assist those with urgent needs at 800- 715- 4225